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Slim-style Signal Tower Buzzer Module
Slim-style Signal Tower Buzzer Module
A Compact size of 30mm (1-1/4-inch) in diameter with an adjustable buzzer output of up to 80dB (at 1m) for the MP Series Signal Tower.

Características del producto

• Easy attachment
• Built-in adjustable buzzer sound of up to 80dB (at 1m)
• Made of heat resistant ABS resin for superior impact resistance.
• RoHS, CE Conformity; UL Recognition; Complies with FCC Regulations.
• Operates in conjunction with the Red LED Unit

Especificaciones del modelo

DIMENSIONS - 30mm diameter
BODY STYLE - Direct mount only (MP, MPS, MP-C)
BODY COLOR - Body: Silver
COMPATIBLE MODELS • Fits on all MP Series Signal Towers (MP, MPS, MP-C)
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