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Wireless Data Acquisition System WD PRO Transmitter
Wireless Data Acquisition System WD PRO Transmitter
Transmitter attachment for the LR6 Signal Tower to enable wireless data transmission and added data point information.
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WDT-6LR-Z2-PRO can only be used for WDB-D80S-PRO

It can be mounted on the transmitter WDB-D80S-PRO for WD PRO.

The WD PRO Wireless Data Acquisition System is a cost-effective, IIoT-enabled add-on for select PATLITE Signal Towers. This system allows signal towers to wirelessly transmit equipment status changes to a host PC for real-time monitoring and data analysis. Including all of the features of the WD System, the WD PRO System offers additional data acquisition capabilities, while also featuring a 2-way wireless communication system that enables a host PC to control the signal tower remotely. Identify production bottlenecks, enhance supervisory control, optimize productivity, and improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with this complete, networked solution.

  • Attaches to PATLITE's LR6 series signal towers to enable wireless data transmission to the WD PRO receiver (WDR-LE-Z2).

  • Multiple equipment can be networked by this transmitter unit, allowing for collective data archiving and remote monitoring.

  • Features 2-way wireless communication to remotely trigger tower light signals from host PCs.

  • Wirelessly transmit Information from external contacts such as PLCs and switches.

  • Using a serial device such as a barcode reader, up to 60 bytes of serial data can be obtained to trace detailed employee data and control product quality.

  • The WD PRO System is compatible with any existing WD System networks at your work site.

  • Model Specifications

    Rated Voltage24V DC
    Protection RatingIP65
    Wireless specification2.4GHz Zigbee
    Corresponding receiverWDR-LE-Z2


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